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Firm Financials 2011 ners in 2011, but noted that it also lost a few partners to state government positions. FOX ROTHSCHILD At the close of a fiscal year that saw the firm open two new offices through lateral acquisi- tions, Fox Rothschild experienced gains in its revenue and partner profits. The firm, whose fiscal year ends March 31, saw its revenue rise from about $239.5 million in 2010 to about $257 million in 2011, a 7.3 per- cent increase. Fox Rothschild's firmwide managing part- ner, Mark L. Silow, attributed the firm's reve- nue growth in 2011 to a combination of "growth in headcount and organic growth." In addition to the bump in revenue, the firm also saw its PPP rise 3.5 percent, from $565,000 in 2010 to $585,000 in 2011, and its profit margin grow by two percentage points, from 32 in 2010 to 34 in 2011. Silow said the firm was able to increase its profitability while still focusing on growing its top line. "We were mindful of the expense line but we really haven't altered the way we do busi- RPL PPP RPL PPP RPL PPP 0 $545,000 $585,000 $565,000 $530,000 $505,000 $550,000 0.25 0.5 Gross Revenue: $257M Equity Partners: 150 Total Attorneys: 471 Gross Revenue: $239.5M Equity Partners: 131 Total Attorneys: 450 Gross Revenue: $217M Equity Partners: 122 Total Attorneys: 429 0.75 1 1.25 1.5 (RPL and PPP in Millions) ness," he said. The firm's headcount rose by 4.7 percent, from 450 attorneys in 2010 to 471 attorneys in 2011. The firm's equity partner tier swelled by 14.5 percent, from 131 partners in 2010 to 150 in 2011. Meanwhile, the firm's nonequity partner tier saw a steep 21.3 percent drop, from 75 in 2010 to 59 in 2011. The firm's total number of partners increased by only 1.5 percent, from 206 law- yers in 2010 to 209 lawyers in 2011. Its average compensation for all partners rose 4.3 per- cent, from $470,000 in 2010 to $490,000 in 2011. The firm's RPL rose 2.8 percent, from $530,000 in 2010 to $545,000 in 2011. 1.75 2 2.25 2.5 Cracks Grow When Property Is Not Managed Well Back in 1885, the City of Philadelphia began lending the already-cracked Liberty Bell to various expositions and patriotic gatherings. The bell drew huge crowds as the crack grew larger and pieces were chipped away by souvenir hunters. In 1915, the City realized they needed to manage this property better and refused further requests. We realize your property is precious. Since not all condominiums or apartment buildings are the same, it takes a dedicated management team to address each property's unique characteristics. Pine Management Group, a Boutique Property Firm, is dedicated to meeting the needs of small and medium size communities in the Philadelphia area. With over 20 years of professional experience, the founding partners of Pine Management Group have the prerequisites to manage your asset. Give us a call at 215.360.5911 or visit us at PaLaw 2012 | 105 2009 FOX ROTHSCHILD 2010 2011

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