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Managing Partners Survey percent of law firms expect to grow less than 10 percent. But as was shown last year, 64.5 percent expected to grow by that much and only 50 percent actually did. While 16.1 per- cent of firms said in 2011 that they would grow more than 10 percent in the coming year, only 9.4 percent said that this year. While an overwhelming number of respon- dents grew or at least stayed the same size in the past year, layoffs became more prevalent. Of the respondents this year, 9.4 percent said they laid off attorneys in the past year. That is up from 3.2 percent in 2011. The more noticeable change came when respondents were asked whether layoffs were planned for the coming year. Last year, 6.5 percent said they were planning layoffs, (continued on page 82) FIRM NET PROFITS GROWTH IN NUMBER OF ATTORNEYS JUNE 2011 TO JUNE 2012 PROJECTED GROWTH IN NUMBER OF ATTORNEYS JUNE 2012 TO JUNE 2013 3.1% Grew significantly 50% Grew slightly 25% Stayed the same 15.6% Shrunk slightly 6.3% Shrunk significantly 9.4% Will grow significantly 65.6% Will grow slightly 18.8% Will stay the same 6.3% Will shrink slightly 0% Will shrink significantly REVENUE PER LAWYER DID YOUR FIRM HIRE CONTRACT ATTORNEYS LAST YEAR? 58.6% Increased 17.2% Decreased 24.1% Stayed the same 60% Increased 13.3% Decreased 26.7% Stayed the same 46.9% Yes 53.1% No FIRM COSTS PROFITS PER PARTNER FIRM REVENUE 50% Increased 25% Decreased 25% Stayed the same 58.6% Increased 20.7% Decreased 20.7% Stayed the same 62.1% Increased 10.3% Decreased 27.6% Stayed the same PaLaw 2012 | 81

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